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ANDHA INTEQAAM | Bollywood Full Action Movie | Ronit Roy | Shanti Priya & Sidhdart I

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Star Cast:Siddharth,Ronit Roy,Shanti Priya,Tapasya,Reema,Kiran Kumar,Sadashiv Amrapurkar,Avtar Gill,Pradeep Singh,Raju Shreshtha,Rajesh Puri,Renu Joshi,Birpal,
Chandrashekhar,Sudhir Dalvi,Vikas Anand,Jugnu,Subhash Borse,
Producer: Mrs Sheetal Shrivastava
Music: Shreerang Aras, Lyricist:Shyam Anuragi
Singers:Asha Bhosle,Kavita Krishnamurty,Udit Narayan, Abhijeet, Anupma Deshpande, Amit Kumar

Plot: Rajan Singh was 1970s notorious mafia don ruling Mumbai underworld bussiness empire which was involved in decoities,robberies,extortion of money & murders,which was citys police and ruling party in their pocket . Rajan singh orders his trusted lieutenant John Smith to kidnap industrialist dhram Dass only child in Ransom business. john succeds in kidnapping the child but fails delivering Rajan meets with bad luck loses one leg and child. Social worker Achariya comes to get hold on abandonned child and gives it to neighbour childless widow Radha. Time passes child Ravi turns into a man by profession turns into a small time theif. On the other side Achariya runs an orphanage, ther one small child Raju of Ravis age group turns into a rebel, thrown out by management in the absense of Achariya. He comes to Bombay and meets Asha ,they fall in Love her father arranges a job for Raju in Laundary. One night Ravi saw a passer by stealing cars part. Runs for his safety bt caught by Raju and inspector to know that Ravi is not merely a common theif bt he is modern Robin-Hood for which reason inspector Shiva likes Ravi,pardons him and advise him to leave the dirty job . Ravis girlfriend backs Shivas and compels him to robs Ranima treasure for the last time. There in the palace while robbing the treasure Ravi encounters Ranima who was in grief and heartbroken, longing and looking for her lost child as that day was the birth day of the child. Ravi sharing her sorrow promises her that he will bring back her lost child,leaves empty handed,filled with sympathy,pathoss for her. In searching the lost child Ravi gets the surprise of his lifetime that lost child is no one but else Ravi himself. But fate seems to opposite side of Ravi, inspector Wadekar reveals to Ranima that Ravi is a common theif and criminal.. Just not to disappoinment and hurt his mother he present his friend Raju as her lost child. Mobestor Rajan waitinf for this to happen, he make friendship and deal with Raju and starts attacking on Ravis life.

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