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Cop Broke law disobey traffic cop . Calabar coach and young lady 19 yr found murder in Portmore.

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Cop broke law then disobey traffic cop . Calabar coach and young lady 19 yr found murder in Portmore.
Dissecting time

JFC police on duty doing traffic , when they saw a car disobey a sign
the police pull over the car , realizes its a serving member in the car, and order her to pull over
this police woman know she was wrong , but want to use her police status to just let her go freely , but these police on their job , wouldn't have non of it , she got really aggressive and fail to comply to those police order .
if this was a civilian , that person would be charge for some thing.
just reminding member of the force, they are not bigger than the law .

2. the man and young lady who got shot and kill this morning in Portmore .
just looking at the crime scene, the gentle man car leave same place, this was not a robbery .
police need to look in triangle direction
they can look two ways 1, if he did have a business partner who want to get rid of him but know the young lady well, they would not want to leave any witness
2 this more look like a love triangle, 3 party involve and just blow away the both of them.

but this is not a robbery

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