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FASHiON SHOW!! Ultimate Barbie Makeover and Dream Runway! Playing with Mom & Mystery Guest Niko Bear

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I show Mom, Dad, and Niko how to have the BEST FASHION EVER!!
Parents the Barbie Fashionistas and Fashions are available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. This is an #ad for Mattel.


HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome to the event of the century!! It's Adley's and Barbie Fashionistas' Fashion Show!! I'm your host Adley!! I invited my parents to help me with this show! They are going to be guest judges and also help annouce our contestants! We had a lot of baribes come out and participate in our fashion show and they all had really good taste in new fashion! We all had a great time as we showed off our clothes and cool tricks on the runway!! After we all had a turn on the runway I told dad to go get niko and he could be the judge! It was so fun playing with these new Barbie friends!!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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