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Late May Sneaker Release Info & Resell Predictions + How To Cop SNKRS (Nike Chunky Dunky & Brazil)

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Late May Sneaker Release Info & Resell Predictions + How To Cop SNKRS (Nike Chunky Dunky & Brazil)
How To Cop Guide & Shoe Release Information (Content Packed)

Welcome Sneakerheads!
Today we will cover the entire sneaker release calendar for Late-May/Early June 2020. These weeks are packed with so many shoe releases and with that we can expect to see a lot of resell from these coming drops. I will cover all the shoe drop info for each of these May releases including where to buy, resell predictions and how to cop these sneakers. There is a crazy amount of shoes dropping this week, starting on Thursday with the Brazil Nike Dunk Low. These nike dunks are very anticipated, as they are currently seeing some substantial resale value. However, the most hyped shoe is no doubt the Nike Ben & Jerry's Chunky Dunky. This shoe could make you hundreds of dollars, as the demand is driving up ridiculous resell prices. I will also cover the Yeezy 700 MNVN Triple Black restock on the 23rd. Then I will provide my resell predictions for the Travis Scott Air Max 270s and the Yeezy Zyon 350s. Of course, I can't forget the Jordan Flint 13s as I will provide all the release information. Overall, there are a lot of resell opportunities this week but be careful which ones you decide to go for.

Make sure you watch until the end of this video to ensure you make the most profit from the sneakers releasing these coming weeks (May 21st - June 13th). And check out my how to cop on SNKRS guide (manually) at the end of this video. If you are new to the channel, feel free to check out my other videos. and watch my other streetwear/resell content!


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