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Primal vs. Monster Hunter World - Play This, Not That - with Jeremy Howard!

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Did you already back Primal? Waiting on the pledge manager? What about Monster Hunter World? So many games and so little time. Join Jeremy Howard and myself as we go through these two games, what we liked about both of them, what we disliked and which ones we prefer.

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Primal -

0:00:00 - Introduction
0:01:25 - Why These Games Are Worth Comparing
0:02:25 - Steamforged Track Record
0:04:00 - Steamforged In the Comments
0:07:00 - Kickstarter Comparison
0:15:30 - Price
0:21:10 - Cardplay
0:26:50 - Board & Terrain
0:33:35 - Monster Variability
0:43:55 - Loot System
0:47:55 - Narrative
0:52:50 - Art & Graphics
0:55:12 - Streamlined/Fiddliness
0:57:30 - Player Count
1:00:00 - Final Verdicts

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