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Strange Cop Behavior UMC Trauma: Vegas Shooting

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Can you explain this LVMPD cop's behavior before and after delivering patients to UMC Trauma? We see Taylor Winston in this video, as well as a Cop with a yellow shirt directing everyone. He seems very interested in Splitting Channels for some reason??

Who is this angry guy in the back of Taylor Winston's truck? Why is he cursing out all the cops? Why did this LVMPD cop drive him to the UMC Trauma? Who lost their shoe?

Why did this LVMPD cop drive all the way back past the Shooter's room at Mandalay Bay and past the Route 91 Harvest Festival?

Why didn't this cop care about the dudes running around with guns reported by the two eyewitnesses? Why does he only care about rifles? Is this something they teach LVMPD Officers?

Please help me understand this LVMPD Officers actions at UMC trauma and before and after in the comments?!!?

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