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The Life And Death Of Sherlock Holmes | Absolute History

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With continuing releases of major films and TV series on Sherlock Holmes, the fictional character has never been more popular. But what about his creator, the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whose own life was at times as dark and as mysterious as the man he created?

How was this extraordinary character formed and did he, as so many believe, really exist? The story behind the creation of this Victorian phenomenon is both disturbing and mystifying. It takes the viewer on a journey through the Edinburgh of the young Conan Doyle and the darker influences in his life, and onto the streets of London. What was it about Sherlock Holmes that captured the imagination of society as it entered the exciting, yet frightening world of the 20th century?

With dramatic visualisations, contributions from leading Holmesian experts, figures from the world of literature and research, and evidence from the medical community, the Sherlock Holmes enigma is dissected and the truth begins to emerge. This brand new documentary explores the intriguing world of Conan Doyle and discovers the truth behind his decision to to kill off the man who had dominated his life for so long in one dramatic episode.

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