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The Zelda Controversy Takes An Expected Turn And A Big Game Is Finally Returning | News Wave

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There's been a lot of backlash around the pricing for Zelda Skyward Sword, but it looks like the Amazon sales charts are telling a different story. At Blizzcon over the weekend Diablo II was announced to be returning in the form of a remaster heading to not only PC, but all consoles as well.

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00:00 - Start

00:56 - Legend Of Mana Physical Collectors Edition In Japan

1:57 - Blizzard Arcade Collection Announced

3:05 - Take Two CEA Talks AAA Games

4:26 - Zelda Anniversary

7:35 - Diablo II Remaster Announced

9:52 - Dinosaur Planet Releases Online

12:54 - Microsoft Planning Event

14:51 - Poll

15:57 - Comment Of The Day

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