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WILLY'S WONDERLAND Ending Explained | Full Movie Spoiler Review And The Janitor Theory

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WILLY'S WONDERLAND Ending Explained | Full Movie Spoiler Review And The Janitor Theory. We review, recap and explain the plot and story behind Willy's Wonderland, the Five Nights At Freddy's esque horror movie starring Nicolas Cage.

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Liv pretty much becomes that character that does all the talking because Nicholas Cage is playing the strong and silent type. I'm not even joking, the guy doesn't have one line of dialogue in the entire film and she wants to burn Willy's down because of the evil that it represents.

Cage rolls into town and is taken out by a tyre trap and thus he falls into the sacrifice game set up by the townsfolk. Cage is told by Tex and a mechanic named Jed that they will fix up his car if he cleans Willy's up. Throughout the night he's haunted by the animatronics of Willy's whilst Liv tries to bring the building down.

It's completely ridiculous and at times I was asking myself whether it was intentionally bad or actually just bad and even worse because it was trying to be bad. I'm still a bit torn on the movie and though it has a lot of fun moments there's also some parts that just don't land at all.

Now one thing I rate about Cage's character is that he's completely unphased by the entire ordeal and everytime that he tackles an animatronic he tapes himself up and puts on a new t shirt before he goes back to cleaning.

Slowly Liv and his paths cross as the cast of Willy's murder her friends and it leads to Eloise trying to offer Cage or rather The Janitor up to Willy herself. Willy rips her in half and this leads to him facing off against The Janitor in a climactic battle.

The next morning Tex and Jed arrive to see the damage and they're shocked to find that he's lasted the night and has destroyed all of the animatronics inside.

At the restaurant Tex and Jed discuss actually opening the restaurant back up but their celebrations are cut short by Siren Sara who lights the gasoline from the prior night. This destroys all three in the explosion and but the restaurant does survive, perhaps hinting at sequels down the line.

Left with her family dead and no where to go Liv and The Janitor ride off into the sunset killing Tito The Turtle on the way out, ending the movie with the townsfolk now free of the curse of Willis.

So what was going on and what's up with The Janitor?

Well I actually believe that Cage is playing a personification of either Death or The Devil. Throughout the film the character seems completely unphased by everything that's going on and even when he has a gun pointed to his head by the sheriff he doesn't seem to care.

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